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  • Are you looking for help with your nutrition?

  • Do you want to get healthier or stay healthy in a natural way?

  • Do you want a nutritionist that is holistic and will look at the whole you?


Our clinical nutritionist will help you create a health eating lifestyle you need to stay healthy – mind, body, and spirit. Our first step is always to listen, to find out what’s really going on and from there we can put together the right plan for you, naturally. 


Find out more about our clinical nutrition offerings

Pediatric Physical Health

Our Pediatric physical health services look at the whole of your body, and covers birth to 21 years old.

To find out more please link here to Dr. Shelia Tann's to set up an appointment for your child.

  • Do you have ongoing female body-related issues that won’t go away?

  • Do you feel like you’re not being listened to by your healthcare provider?

  • Do you have different symptoms and your healthcare provider isn’t joining the dots?


We can help give you the answers you’ve been looking for, but not finding elsewhere. We understand that female bodies have their own specific set of challenges, whatever age you are and no matter how you identify. We will listen to you and give you the care you need, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, all in one place. 


We also have specific offerings around maternal wellness, from supporting you when you first become pregnant, to helping you find your feet with a new baby in the family.  


Find out more about our women’s health offerings

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