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       We care for people in Golden and the surrounding communities looking

for solutions to whole-body mental and physical health challenges. We offer personalized solutions for your specific need. We have a holistic care team based on the broad range of your needs.

       Our vision is to create a world where mental healthcare providers see

people as the whole individual and there is accessible, all-encompassing mental healthcare for everyone.

Our Services
We offer a comprehensive, holistic suite of services.

   Integrative Health Services​​

   Classes & Support Groups

  • Perinatal Support Group

  • Parenting with a Twist

  • Gottman Couples Workshop

  • Sacred Sisterhood First Period Class

  • Trauma-Informed Parent Support Group

Our Story

In 2015 the Golden Wellness Center was created and since then it has been used to fill a gap in the healthcare system. The reality is that today’s healthcare is siloed, and far too often, people fall through the gaps. That’s why The Golden Wellness Center focuses on the whole person, not just the specific issue they come in with or their symptoms. And that’s why the first thing we do is listen to you – because our role is to walk with you on your journey, not to tell you what to do. 

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